Day: August 16, 2020

What Is Roulette?  

Roulette The roulette game mmc996 thai is a game that was known in France since the time of Louis 14th and subsequently spread to the rest of Europe. Difficult to grasp, but roulette has been banned for many decades – roulette has been personally associated with the devil. Fortunately, the religiosity in Central Europe is currently not as extreme as it was back then! Even today, roulette players still attract by their mystical and religious background,

Reason rules a little more these days, and players can test their luck at roulette. However, you should always make sure to play with a cool head. Since every field on the wheel is hit with the same probability, and the payouts are known, you can easily calculate your chances in roulette. So there are the technical means that allow us to make as much profit as possible on roulette. From an overall perspective, certain roulette games can be more advantageous than others. We also want to teach you later about the differences between American, European, and French roulette.

The roulette game consists of several components. The kettle with the diameter of 56 is the big star and the center of the roulette at the same time. The roulette cylinder or bowl consists of a total of 37 small fields, numbered from 0 to 36, depending on the model. The fields in roulette all have a specific number and color: they are either red or black. Finally, in roulette, you will also find a special field with a 0. You will find one or more balls that are arranged on the wheel. The balls roll extremely precisely and regularly.

How does the roulette game work?

The functionality and rules of roulette are simply explained:

  • To bet, you have to use the carpet on the table and place your coins or tokens there. If you don’t want to continue playing, take your coins with you and exchange them for real money.
  • So that everything is going right, there are croupiers who monitor the game. These also turn the wheel and give instructions that you should listen to. Usually, the croupiers take turns every half hour.
  • The game is divided into four sequences or games. The croupier announces the transition from one sequence to the next. The dealer says “Faites Vos Jeux”, the player puts his tokens on the table or the credits in the live casino. After this is done, you can hear “Les Jeux sont faits,” and the croupier turns the bowl in a certain direction. The ball, however, is pushed in the opposite direction. A few seconds before the ball stops on a field, the croupier says, “Rien ne va plus,” which means that the players can no longer change their bets on the table.
  • After this step is over, the croupier announces the result. He then spreads the tokens on the table so that winners receive their tokens, and the field is cleared. You can then move on to the next game round and wait for the croupier to kick the ball again.

What is the best way to place your bets?

Different types of bets can be found in roulette. There is always a suitable roulette strategy for these types of bets to help you win. Participants can choose between single bets (you only bet on a single number field) or multiple bets (you bet on several numbered fields at the same time). There are numerous simple bets: players can bet on a black field, a red field, an even or odd number, or choose to bet in the “passe” or “manque” zone at the table. However, in roulette, it is impossible to bet on the 0, and there are certain bets that you should avoid. There are also numerous roulette strategies that we would like to introduce to you in this section.